National Heart Institute


Founded in 1964, National Heart Institute (NHI) is a 360-bed, teaching hospital with services and programs in cardiology and cardiac surgery. We offer a full range of cardiac health care services and are proud that the doctors, nurses and health care professionals on our staff are the best in the industry. We believe it is our privilege to serve the people of Egypt and to care for all patients who enter our doors. Key services include:

  • Cardiovascular Services.
  • Cardiac Surgery Services.
  • Emergency Department, which includes Pediatric, Adult and Urgent Care Cardiac Emergency Center.
  • Outpatient Clinic Services


In 1966, NHI was inaugurated by Dr. Zakaria Mohie Eldin, on behalf of the late president Jamal Abdul Nasser. It was the first specialized non-profit cardiac center in the Middle East, with a capacity of 75 inpatient and 6 intensive care beds. For generations, NHI cardiologists and cardiac surgeons have been providing comprehensive care of the highest quality, ensuring that patients receive the most advanced treatments known to medicine. We have specialists in every branch of cardiac care – cardiology, cardiac surgery, critical care medicine, radiology, and anesthesia – who work collaboratively in a hospital setting designed to foster innovative treatments and accelerate the science of medicine.

Services offered by the institute include:



-          Cardiology services:

NHI offers all kinds of diagnostic and therapeutic medical services for cardiac patients. The department hosts number of the top skilled medical staff who offers services both in the institute and satellite clinics all over Egypt.

There are 5 catheterization laboratories which serve 1500 diagnostic and therapeutic cases every month. A specialized pediatric, peripheral, and electrophysiology units complete the full array of interventional cardiac services offered by the Institute. Our cardiology program features expert physicians who diagnose and treat common and rare cardiac diseases. Some of these may include:

·        Coronary artery disease

·        Cardiac arrhythmia

·        Valvular Heart disease

·        Inherited Heart Disease

o       Our cardiologists provide expert treatment for cardiac disease. Following are some of the procedures we perform:

·        Coronary angioplasty (PCI)

·        Arrhythmia ablations

o       Atrial Fibrillation

o       SVT

o       VT

·        Pacemaker insertion

·        AICD (automatic internal cardioverter defibrillator) insertion

·        Heart Failure

o       In this department, patients will experience personalized medical care in a high tech environment, while having the advantage of the research and education assets unique to NHI.

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